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We work with a wide range of businesses across the country, helping them to maintain the efficiency and quality of their production processes to the highest international standards.

Most of our customers operate in highly controlled environments, where industry regulations dictate day-to-day procedures and longer-term strategies. On-site measurement and control represent important criteria for these standards, and our services strengthen regulatory compliance in this area. We have been ISO 9001 certified for over 20 years. Our expert technicians are fully qualified, and all our test equipment is ISO 17025 accredited. Furthermore, our calibration management software, ProCalV5, guarantees secure traceability for all instrumentation data.

Despite the commonalities between sectors, there are measurement and control requirements which are unique to every industry. Over our 40 years in business, we have developed particular expertise in a number of these categories. Our in-depth understanding of clients’ processes enables us to add value to our services, and we adapt the Bonner Instrumentation Programme to suit the needs of each sector.  

As one of the most regulated industries around, the burden of compliance weighs heavily on Pharmaceutical companies. We partner with many Irish-based, multinational Pharmaceutical organisations, helping them to adhere to FDA and HPRA regulations when carrying out their instrumentation calibration and maintenance. 

Our team has experience with the full suite of Pharmaceutical equipment and machinery, handling fluid bed dryers, tablet coaters, encapsulators, Y-cone blenders and tablet presses on a daily basis. Where possible, all work is planned to coincide with our customers’ shutdown and cleaning schedules to prevent any effect on production. The Bonner team is well versed in GMP and performs all services in strict agreement with any client-specific plant guidelines.

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Like the Pharmaceutical industry, the Food & Beverage sector is subject to stringent regulations. We assist many Bord Bia and BRC audited companies to uphold these standards in their process lines. Up and down the country, we calibrate and maintain our clients’ measurement and control instruments, servicing a variety of conductivity, pH, turbidity, temperature, pressure, flow, metal detection and weighing systems.

We also provide additional support through risk analysis. Using the digitised data from our site calibration and maintenance procedures, we work with clients to identify critical points in their process lines and recommend corrective or preventative measures to keep everything on track. Advanced data monitoring and control solutions can bring huge efficiencies to the Food & Beverage sector. We employ the latest in SCADA, PLC, HMI and industrial PC technologies to deliver systems that give our clients valuable insight into their production processes.

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We have been looking after Dairy clients since our very foundation in 1978. Just like the Food & Beverage sector, the Dairy industry is also monitored by rigid Bord Bia and BRC auditing. We understand the implications of these regulations on the practice of instrumentation calibration and maintenance, ensuring that all our work is carried out to the highest international standards and advising our clients on ways to enhance compliance through process adjustments.

We deliver calibration services across the entire scope of the Dairy process, including the critical stages of pasteurisation, homogenisation and separation, along with microfiltration, UHT and evaporation. As with all our clients, we schedule our services to correspond with planned plant downtime or CIP cleaning to avoid any disruption to production.

Our Control Solutions service is an extremely effective tool for the Dairy sector. We help our clients to introduce modern automation to their processes through the collection and application of precision measurement data. 

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For many years, we have collaborated with Quality Managers, Engineering Managers and Maintenance Managers in the Medical Devices industry, taking care of all their instrumentation calibration and maintenance needs. This sector is audited by the FDA and the HPRA, and our services help clients to comply with these regulatory guidelines. 

We have extensive experience in calibrating sealers, laminators, presses and isolators. As always, we work around our customers’ scheduled downtimes and cleaning rotas, making sure that our services do not impact everyday operations. 

Manufacturing is a far-reaching industry sector, encompassing everything from Chemical and Gas to Precision Engineering and Packaging. We have been servicing a broad variety of Manufacturing clients for decades now and deliver all our work in accordance with ISO 9001 standards. 

Whether calibrating HVAC units, utility systems, thermal oxidisers, infrared thermometers and blister packaging machines or installing temperature mapping and environment monitoring systems, our team can accommodate the complete spectrum of manufacturing measurement and control requirements. 

We also provide our Manufacturing clients with advanced data monitoring and control solutions. Utilising modern SCADA technologies combined with sensors, PLCs, HMIs and industrial PCs, our team can deliver powerful insights into the performance and control of plants, even when working with existing systems.

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