Control Systems

Trust BONNER to deliver customised control solutions that enable your business to excel

Control Systems

We specialise in designing and implementing advanced control systems tailored to your industrial needs. Our comprehensive approach ensures seamless integration and precise control over critical processes, enhancing productivity and ensuring regulatory compliance.

Trust BONNER to deliver customised control solutions that enable your business to excel in today’s dynamic industrial market.

Key Benefits of Control Systems

  • Precision Control: Achieve precise control over industrial processes to optimise performance and minimise waste.
  • Enhanced Productivity: Streamline operations and minimise downtime through efficient control system implementation.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Ensure compliance with industry standards and regulations through accurate control and monitoring.

Customised Design

Tailor-made control systems designed to meet the specific requirements of your industrial processes.

Integration Expertise

Seamlessly integrate control systems with existing infrastructure and equipment for maximum efficiency.

Scalability and Flexibility

Solutions that scale with your business needs, allowing for future expansion and adaptation to evolving requirements.

Our Automation Partners

B&R Industrial Automation provide a number of solutions for Safety. Intelligent, decentralized and integrated safety technology from B&R with extremely short response times opens up an entirely new range of safety concepts for machines and systems.

B&R Industrial Automations range of systems include very compact X20 system offers a wide range of different modules and is especially efficient to wire and maintain thanks to its 3-part modularity.

The X67 system is compatible with the X20 system, allowing the modules to be combined as needed. In addition, the IP67 protection makes them especially well-suited for harsh environmental conditions

Automation Case Studies