Monitoring Systems

Local, Remote, IIOT and Automated Monitoring System with Advanced Analytics


Monitoring is a crucial aspect of process automation as it helps to ensure the smooth and efficient functioning of automated processes.

By constantly monitoring automated systems, businesses can identify and resolve any issues in real-time, minimise downtime and prevent costly production disruptions.

In addition, monitoring can provide valuable insights into process performance, enabling organisations to make data-driven decisions that optimise their automation systems and improve overall efficiency.

By investing in BONNER’s range of monitoring solutions, businesses can ensure the stability and reliability of their process automation systems, while gaining a competitive edge through increased efficiency and cost savings.

Energy Monitoring

Energy monitoring systems for industrial factories using systematic tracking and analysis of energy consumption patterns and efficiency metrics to optimise resource usage, reduce costs, and improve sustainability

Condition Monitoring

Advanced systems for stand alone or continuous monitoring and analysis of machinery and equipment to detect early signs of potential faults or abnormalities, enabling proactive maintenance and minimizing downtime.

Remote Monitoring

We supply and install 4G-enabled system designed allows users to connect instrumentation sensors, access real-time remote monitoring readings through a secure web portal, and easily scale up to monitor a global network of assets.

ABB Smart Sensor

Smart Sensors

Smart Sensors from ABB that can easily be installed on new and old motors from many manufacturers. The smart sensor collects data, which is then analysed in the cloud and displayed in an easy-to-use app, enabling technicians to monitor the condition of their industrial motors at a glance and plan required maintenance in advance.

ABB Smart Sensor

Our Automation Partners

ABB is a technology leader in electrification and automation, enabling a more sustainable and resource-efficient future. The company’s solutions connect engineering know-how and software to optimize how things are manufactured, moved, powered and operated. 

As ABB’s exclusive Industrial Automation Channel Partner, BONNER collaborates with ABB to leverage their extensive expertise in connectivity and software innovation. Our goal is to enable real-time, data-driven decision-making for safer, more intelligent operations that maximize resource efficiency and support a sustainable, low-carbon future. With ABB’s diverse range of digital solutions, we help organisations automate, optimize, and future-proof their businesses, unlocking exceptional performance and driving sustainable progress.

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