BONNER + ABB Cyber Security Workplace

Solve your top security challenges using BONNER + ABB

ABB Ability™ Cyber Security Workplace

Simplify cyber security

Solve your top security challenges

Cyber Security workplace provides a complete picture of your security operations. This allows you to identify and remediate cyber risks quickly.

  • Increase cyber resilience
    Ensure process uptime by unifying your defenses and cut mean time to risk recognition and response.
  • Lower costs and improve security management efficiency
    Consolidate tools, automate manual processes, and discover the root cause of risks with one click.
  • Make managing security simple
    Simplify investigations with automated risk root cause analysis and remediation suggestions.


One simplified platform for security operations

Shift from multiple siloed security tools to Cyber Security Workplace and take charge of your security program.

  • Manage security updates, malware protection, and system backups.
  • Set alarms and get notified when increased risk exists.
  • Risk root cause analysis and remediation playbooks to identify and neutralize risks to your production environment quickly.
  • Manage remote access by setting remote access time limits, temporary passwords, and audit history tracking.
  • Configurable reports to quickly show compliance.

Security Controls Overview Dashboard

  • ABB Ability™ Cyber Security Workplace was designed to quickly identify increased risk in your control system environment.
  • Checkmarks to signify there are no cases of increased security risk.
    Stop-light like KPIs to identify and prioritize risks.
    Intuitive actions to remediate risk, e.g., start a backup job when a backup fails.

Quickly isolate your OT system.

When a cyber threat is present in the IT network, it may be best to isolate systems from the network to protect critical systems to prevent production loss or harm to personnel. Cyber Security Workplace enables system administrators to isolate the control system network at the click of a button to keep critical assets safe and production online.

Examples where it may be prudent to isolate the OT system:

  • Someone working with the OT system inserts an infected USB device and quickly realizes the mistake. Disconnecting the DCS system from the IT system reduces the risk of malware spreading into the IT systems.
  • The IT security team notices an attack on their systems. Disconnecting the DCS reduces the risk of production problems due to this attack.

ABB Ability Cyber Security Workplace’s risk root cause analysis was built to provide the cyber expertise you need by:

  • Identifying the node(s) and reason that increased risk exists.
  • Detailing the potential impact of the risk.
  • Providing remediation steps to return risk to an acceptable level.

Remote access is both a luxury and a liability. Cyber Security Workplace reduces the risks associated with remote access by:

  • Simplifying the management of user accounts and authentication.
  • Setting temporary passwords with time limits to prevent reuse of passwords and remote connections being left open.
  • Privilege and notification settings to set alerts for unprescribed actions.
  • Maintenance audit history tracking for meeting compliance or triaging incidences.