Control System Design

Tailored Control Systems for Industrial Automation Systems

Control System Design

Control system design is the method of creating a system that controls specific processes. This includes identifying the desired performance of the system, modelling the system’s dynamics, selecting control algorithms and controllers, and specifying the sensors and instrumentation that will provide input to the control system and execute control actions. 

At BONNER, we specialise in process control systems for various industries such as Food & Beverage, Dairy, Manufacturing, and Medical Devices. We work with leading Industrial Automation providers to offer modern, Industry 4.0 efficient systems for process & discrete manufacturing, local IoT control & monitoring, and factory-wide applications such as SCADA, DCS and MES. 

Our goal is to improve factory processes and optimise production through our control system design and automation solutions.

Our Approach

We provide support throughout the system’s entire design. This includes determining the desired functionality, performance criteria, safety considerations, environmental factors, and any regulatory or industry standards that need to be met.

We work with leading vendors to select the appropriate hardware components required for the control system, including selecting PLCs, I/O, HMIs, instrumentation, and other necessary equipment. We consider all factors such as reliability, scalability, compatibility, and cost-effectiveness.



Control system integration combines multiple control systems into one cohesive system to achieve control objectives. Our process control systems are suitable for various industries and include Food & Beverage, Dairy, Manufacturing, and Medical Devices. B&R Industrial Automation is our partner, offering efficient systems for machine building, local IoT control and monitoring, and factory-wide SCADA applications.


Additional Services

We develop and plan the full control system using certified project mangament tools from each stage including:

  • Software development
  • System integration
  • Commissioning
  • Factory Acceptance Tests
  • Site Acceptance Tests
  • Documentation
  • Continued Support

Control System Integration Examples

Energy Monitoring Solutions

Our energy monitoring solutions include integrated energy measurement modules that supply all electrical and current values by collecting data from all energy sources (natural gas, oil, etc.) to provide complete and automatic collection of actual energy usage. Energy management systems as defined in ISO 50001 are easily implemented with measurement and display of consumption and cost data. Historical data allows detailed analysis of energy consumption, making it easy to identify cause and effect.

Condition Monitoring

Our condition monitoring solutions include online vibration measurement integrated in B&R I/O modules, making it possible to identify the mechanical condition of the machine and allowing performance degradations to be detected early on so that serious damage can be prevented. Condition-based predictive maintenance reduces the number of unpredicted outages, thus keeping the costs associated with downtime and repairs to an absolute minimum.

Process Data Acquisition

Our process data acquisition solutions include centralised acquisition of data including SCADA from machines and systems, enabling comprehensive online performance monitoring and visualisation. Long-term archiving ensures the ability to assess the quality of the manufacturing process. Integrated reports provide detailed analysis of all process data in order to optimize production processes. Combined display of ongoing data, alarms and events in the TrendViewer make it easy to trace cause and effect.

Automation Case Studies