Data Integration

BONNER are Ireland’s leading specialists in process automation and control solutions.

BONNER Data Integration

Maximise your automation system’s efficiency with a flexible and scalable data integration platform.

BONNER’s Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) are now equipped with features that were once only possible with PCs, making it easier to collect, analyse, and integrate real-time data from any source throughout the enterprise. With a single solution, you can achieve a comprehensive data picture from the plant floor to the cloud.

BONNER Data Integration platform offers a variety of benefits, including pre-built connectors for cloud integration, MQTT (Message Queuing Telemetry Transport) for device-to-data collection, REST API (an application programming interface) for workflows, and more. 

By using just one platform to manage all your data, you can simplify your business needs and connect to any PLC to collect, process, and normalise data automatically.


Real Time Data

Real-time analytics and pre-built dashboards provide valuable insights into your data. From asset usage to overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), these indicators help you make informed decisions. Data can be processed on-site, sent to the cloud, data warehouses, or enterprise applications, and then returned to the factory floor for anywhere-to-anywhere data transportation.


Integration Feature

Easily manage your application with one-click deployment and lifetime governance of edge operating systems. Utilise available systems, add AI, and evaluate, monitor, and incorporate the information for rapid outcomes. With the ability to transfer information to third-party cloud, big data, or business apps for additional processing, you can add value on-site and continue to grow your project over numerous facilities with a single point of management.

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