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BONNER Predictive Maintenance

Predictive Maintenance (PdM) is a powerful technique that leverages data analysis to proactively detect anomalies and potential equipment failures. By using real-time monitoring of asset performance, analysis of work order data, and benchmarking of MRO inventory usage, PdM helps organisations minimise maintenance frequency and prevent unplanned downtime. This results in reduced maintenance costs, fewer machine failures, decreased downtime, and increased production.

BONNER provides PdM solutions that enable manufacturing and process plants to gain insights into their complex machinery and understand the root-cause of failures. This allows for real-time monitoring and proactive maintenance, preventing unexpected equipment failures and saving valuable time and revenue. Additionally, PdM can also enhance the supply chain by identifying bottlenecks and predicting supply shortfalls.

Another benefit of PdM is improved quality. By using AI-assisted quality predictions, it is possible to accurately predict when processes need adjusting to maintain required quality, saving time and money. Implementing a PdM program may require overcoming some hurdles, but the benefits to a company’s operations, efficiency, and competitiveness make it well worth the investment. Predictive maintenance is becoming increasingly important for manufacturers to remain relevant and functional in the future.

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