Distributed Control Systems

We design DCS systems to transform your plant with 24/7 productivity improvements

BONNER DCS Technology

Maximise the efficiency and reliability of industrial processes with DCS (Distributed Control System) technology from BONNER. 

Our systems utilise a decentralised control strategy, distributing control functions throughout the system for increased flexibility, adaptability, and fault tolerance.

Our DCS network includes integration to a variety of control devices and controllers to monitor and regulate crucial process variables such as temperature, pressure, and flow rate. The central control system collects data from these devices, analyses it, and makes control decisions accordingly.


Increase Reliability

The distributed architecture not only increases reliability but also eliminates single points of failure. Our DCS systems also come equipped with alarm management, alerting operators to potential problems or abnormal conditions.

Our strategy for your DCS systems will allow for more advanced control and the use of predictive analytics, which can help optimise  your processes for maximum efficiency and quality.


Scalability with DCS

Our systems can be easily scaled to accommodate changes in the process and can be integrated with other systems such as SCADA for a comprehensive control and monitoring solution. Additionally, our DCSs are designed with cybersecurity measures to protect against malicious attacks and unauthorised access. 

Alarm Management and Safety

By design, we incorporate robust alarm management and safety features to ensure the protection of personnel, equipment, and the environment. The system monitors critical process parameters and triggers alarms when predefined thresholds or abnormal conditions are detected.

Additionally, our DCS systems may include safety interlocks, emergency shutdown systems, and integrated safety instrumented systems (SIS) to safeguard the manufacturing process and mitigate risks.

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