Secure Access Control

Safeguard assets and maintain facility security

Secure Access Control

Protect your assets and ensure regulatory compliance with BONNER’s secure access control services.

Our comprehensive solutions enable businesses to implement robust access control measures, safeguarding sensitive areas and valuable resources.

With customisable access policies and advanced authentication methods, BONNER allows businesses to maintain security and accountability across their facilities.


Key Benefits:


  • Increase Cyber Resilience: Enhance your organisation’s cyber resilience by unifying access control measures, reducing mean time to risk recognition and response, and ensuring continuous process uptime.
  • Lower Costs and Improve Efficiency: Consolidate security tools, automate manual processes, and streamline risk management to lower costs and improve overall security management efficiency.
  • Simplify Security Management: Simplify investigations with automated risk root cause analysis and remediation suggestions, making managing security operations straightforward and efficient.
  • Unified Security Platform: Shift from disparate security tools to our Secure Access Control platform, providing a centralised solution for managing security updates, malware protection, system backups, and more.
  • Real-time Risk Monitoring: Set alarms and receive notifications when increased risk exists, allowing for prompt action to mitigate potential threats.
  • Risk Root Cause Analysis: Utilise risk root cause analysis and remediation processes to identify and neutralise risks to your production environment quickly, ensuring minimal impact on operations.