Process Automation

BONNER are Ireland’s leading specialists in process automation and control solutions.

BONNER Condition Monitoring

Vibration monitoring is a crucial aspect of ensuring the smooth operation of industrial machinery. By measuring vibrations online via a PLC or standalone controller/monitor, it’s possible to identify any mechanical issues and detect performance degradations early on, preventing serious damage from occurring.

But that’s not all – vibration monitoring and vibration checks can also be performed as a service, providing an added level of protection for your machinery.


Key Benefits of Automation

  • Increase efficiencies, enhance productivity and improve security with digitised data
  • Modernise your processes and upgrade your equipment
  • Generate more precise data for analysis and reporting
  • Future-proof your plant and add new technologies more easily
  • Reduce exposure to human error.

Process Values

Another important aspect of industrial operations is monitoring process values. By recording data from existing plant sensors, or by adding additional units, it’s possible to track variations in process changes and operational conditions. By determining baseline values, variations from these base lines can be highlighted and recorded, allowing for a root-cause analysis to be conducted and early warnings to be created.



Save Time and Money

By taking preventative measures, you can ensure maximum plant availability and avoid costly breakdowns and additional knock-on damage effects. With vibration monitoring and process value monitoring in place, you can ensure your industrial machinery runs smoothly and efficiently, saving you time, money and headaches in the long run.

Automation Case Studies