Manufacturing Execution Systems

Design, Develop and Deliver MES for Industrial Automation

BONNER MES Automation

Improve efficiency and productivity in your manufacturing operations with MES (Manufacturing Execution System) systems. 

Our MES is carefully planned, designed, and delivered to automate repetitive tasks and provide real-time data on production processes. With MES, you can expect increased accuracy and reduced errors through automated data collection and improved quality control by identifying potential problems early.

Acting as a bridge between higher-level ERP systems and lower-level SCADA systems that control machinery and equipment on the factory floor, MES provides a comprehensive view of the entire manufacturing process. Our systems can also be integrated with other systems such as ERP and SCADA for even greater efficiency.

From production scheduling and inventory management to quality control and compliance with regulatory requirements, BONNER work with leading MES partners that can handle various aspects of your manufacturing operations to improve overall performance and success.

Production Monitoring and Control

MES systems from BONNER gives real-time production monitoring and control. It provides visibility into the production floor, allowing operators and managers to track the progress of manufacturing operations, monitor equipment performance, and ensure adherence to production schedules.

This enables proactive decision-making, resource optimization, and timely response to issues or deviations in the production process.

Data Collection and Analysis

We design MES with our partners to collect and analyse data from various sources within the manufacturing environment. We can capture data from machines, sensors, and manual inputs, such as shift logbooks and quality inspections.

The system organizes this data to provide meaningful insights, performance metrics, and production reports. Data analysis within an MES system enable manufacturers to identify trends, detect inefficiencies, improve quality, and optimize overall production processes.

Workflow Management

Our MES system helps in streamlining and managing workflows throughout the production lifecycle. Our systems provides functionalities such as work order management, scheduling, routing, and resource allocation.

This helps our clients facilitate process standardisation, traceability, and effective utilisation of labour, materials, and equipment.

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