Process Automation

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Why SCADA? With recent technology advances, more and more industrial organisations rely on supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems. BONNER offers support on implementing SCADA for your business.

Using a SCADA system enables you to monitor and manage industrial processes and infrastructure from a central location in real time. In addition to collecting operational insights it enables business decision making based on the data. From there the system can send control signals to remote devices and equipment.


Key Benefits of SCADA

Remote Monitoring and Control: Allows operators to remotely monitor and control complex industrial processes from a central location.

Improved Safety: With real-time monitoring and automatic alarm systems, SCADA helps to ensure the safe and efficient operation of industrial processes.

Increased Efficiency: Provides real-time data that can be used to optimise processes and increase efficiency, reducing downtime and waste.

Predictive Maintenance: Can collect data on equipment performance and provide early warning of potential failures, allowing for predictive maintenance to be performed.

Data Collection and Analysis: Can collect data on various parameters of an industrial process, which can then be analysed to improve process design and operation.

Viewing SCADA

Information from SCADA systems can be viewed on a number of different devices with ease, these include: 

Large Interactive Displays

Desktop PC

Smart Devices 

HMI touch screens

Remotely via Secure VPN

SCADA to Cloud

As a cloud based platform, data from SCADA systems can be logged and stored for access and analysis at a later date. This is done using MQTT, a lightweight, machine to machine network protocol and message queuing service.

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