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Bonner Remote Monitoring

Asset management is critical for businesses to perform at optimal levels. Remote asset management solves the issue of physically accessing assets that may be in remote or hard-to-reach locations. The use of Industrial IoT and digital technology makes it possible to collect, analyse, and monitor assets remotely, reducing onsite maintenance costs and enhancing security.

Bonner’s IoT-based remote monitoring systems offer real-time alerts, automation, and reporting and analytics for informed decision-making. Remote Monitoring helps facility managers identify and fix potential challenges before they become an issue. It also drives automation in building systems, leading to increased staff productivity. The data collected from remote monitoring can be leveraged for KPI reporting, providing insights for informed business decisions.

Add value to your business, expand operations seamlessly, and ensure optimal performance of assets with our IoT remote monitoring solutions.


Benefits of Remote Monitoring Solutions

  • Simple and robust at point of use

  • Low cost/rapid and no tech/low tech deployment, no IT investment involved

  • Rapid return on investment (ROI)  through sales growth, reduced cost, improves customer retention, operational transparency

  • Reinforces and supports your organisational values and priorities

  • Reduces and identifies risks

  • Speed up and share insightful decision making

Reduce Risk & Downtime

Replacing legacy maintenance schedules with wireless, cloud-based remote monitoring technology allows for predictive and preventative maintenance, reducing the risk of downtime and financial loss. 

Opportunities for Growth

This technology offers new opportunities for growth by adding to operational efficiency and comfort. With IoT-based remote monitoring, businesses can effectively manage their assets and make informed decisions.

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