The Natural Medicine Company

Temperature Mapping and Monitoring of new Warehouse
The Natural Medicine Company


The Natural Medicine Company


The Context

The Natural Medicine Company has an existing testo Saveris 2 System installed in their warehouses already in use, which they are comfortable with and it is suitable for this type of facility. It is a low maintenance system.

They are using 4 wireless Loggers with internal temperature probes, monitoring the existing warehouses. The warehouse has 3 sections and temperature mapping is required for the whole warehouse.

60 Loggers are spread across the warehouse, measuring at different locations and different height levels to ensure accurate and reliable temperature mapping takes place. There is 1 Logger installed outside the warehouse at an entrance to measure the temperature outside to compare with temperatures inside the warehouse.

The highest point of measurement is 5 metres and the lowest is 0.2 metres from the ground. Mid-level measurements are 2 metres from the ground.

There will be a winter and summer mapping that has to be done to ensure a full spectrum of mapping during different periods of the year, ensuring that the correct temperature is measured during cold and hot days.

Most of the client’s product has to be stored in a temperature of between 0 and 30 degrees Celsius.

For this reason, the client requires a reliable Temperature Mapping service to carry out a temperature mapping to identify the minimum and maximum temperatures in the warehouse’s different sections and locations within the warehouse. This is required to ensure that the correct temperatures are identified in the warehouse to ensure the correct positioning of products during storage times.

BONNER was chosen by the client for our attention to detail and our work ethic. We are especially competent at helping our clients to resolve issues and offer expertise and/or advice if and when needed.

Our client has always appreciated that we supply skilled engineers with current subject knowledge and experience to facilitate our work and we have been proven to deliver successful outcomes to our clients.

Our client also trusts us to work on their site independently, ensuring confidentiality, and knowing that we can carry out all our services to their timeframes set.

The Response

BONNER carried out a number of meetings with the client to help and advise on what was needed to carry out the temperature mapping. This included identifying and agreeing on the number of measurement/mapping points and loggers.

Installation was completed with 59 Loggers inside the warehouse at different locations and heights as well as 1 logger outside measuring outside ambient temperature. This is to compare outside temperatures with temperatures from within the warehouse.

A wireless hub was also installed and set up to communicate with all the loggers for the purpose and duration of the mapping process. All mapping data can be viewed online using the Sense Anywhere App and results are sent to the customer.

The warehouse would be mapped continuously, day and night. Additional care was taken into consideration at door openings and roller doors, with loggers around these areas. It was requested from BONNER that the client fill in logs for opening doors or openings with times to ensure correct recordings are done during the mapping process.

These logs will be compared with data from the Loggers.

Continued communication between BONNER and the client will sustain the good relationship. This will also assist in any future issues that may arise from the client, to get assistance as soon as possible.

We proposed that we would do a summer and winter mapping during the course of the year, and also supply any additional support either remote or onsite to assist with the customers needs.

All data will be looked at and compared during different times of the year to establish the correct temperature of the warehouse.

The Results

The benefits of the installation include:

  • Operational experience of the existing testo Saveris 2 System.
  • Customer has a cemented working relationship with the BONNER Team.
  • BONNER is always willing to assist the client in any way possible and as we are needed.
  • Knowledge of the facility has made it easier to install the loggers for the mapping exercise.

Including a summer mapping is good practice, and an additional winter mapping will ensure a full spectrum and understanding of the temperature differences between different stages of the year is mapped and captured. This is to ensure accurate temperature throughout the year within the warehouse facility.


Our client has always appreciated that we supply skilled engineers with current subject knowledge and experience to facilitate our work and we have been proven to deliver successful outcomes to our clients.

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