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Temperature Mapping and Monitoring Case Study
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The Context

The client required a reliable Temperature service to carry out temperature monitoring to identify the minimum and maximum temperatures in the existing and new warehouses. This system needed to be able to give real time values and alerts of any problems in these areas, the communication must also be able to send messages (whether it be Email, SMS or Other) to QA or other on-call employees if needed, so that immediate action can be taken if there are any issues or problems in the warehouse.

BONNER has an existing Testo Saveris 1 System installed in the client’s warehouses already in use, with 44 temperature probes connected to 44 Loggers, monitoring the existing Warehouses.

It is proven to be a reliable system with which the client is comfortable and happy with, and the Testo Saveris 2 system is suitable for this specific warehouse storage facility. It is extremely user friendly, easy to understand and use, is reasonably priced, meets all the requirements of the client and is a low maintenance system.

In the new Warehouse extension, 14 Loggers are to be installed with 14 Temperatures probes as an expansion of the new warehouse. The Testo Saveris 2 System will be installed, calibrated and used. Only Single Temperature probes will be used for the data loggers.

All the data logged by the loggers is kept in the cloud which makes it possible for the client to access any data from any logger at any time from anywhere, provided that the logger is connected to a wireless Wi-Fi network.

BONNER was chosen by the client for our attention to detail and our work ethic, especially when completing any task requested of us. We are especially competent at helping our clients to resolve issues and offer expertise and/or advice if and when needed.

Our client has always appreciated that we supply skilled engineers with current subject knowledge and experience to facilitate our work. We have been proven to deliver successful outcomes to our clients and work closely with the other engineering contractors onsite to ensure necessary outcomes are met.

They trust us to work on their site independently, ensuring confidentiality, and knowing that we can carry out all our services to their timeframes set.

The Response

Working in conjunction with our client, we proposed that we would develop an overall yearly Calibration Schedule, for their multiple areas, that would ensure all necessary dates for their audits were met when supplying our services and reports.

We would also supply any additional support either remote or onsite to assist with the customers’ needs.

We will also carry out any Temperature Mapping changes should new installations be requested or changes to the installation points made. 

We carried out a number of meetings with the client to help and advise on what was needed to expand the system. Once identified and agreed on the number of measurement points and loggers, an order was placed with Testo for delivery.

We delivered the system to the site and went on to set up the additional Loggers and probes. We added the additional units to the customer accounts, connecting to Wi-Fi onsite and programming details of : Unit Name, Alarms, Measurement Time, Data Transfer Time, Power Failure and Power Saver Mode.

We also added the unit to the appropriate Alarm Groups and tested the unit on the above programmed parameters. We then calibrated the new units and added them to our calibration certificate software. All data including Serial Numbers, Type and Description were added to the above software.

The new units were added to the Daily, Weekly and Monthly reports functions and we generated a copy of the reports to ensure all were recorded and added to the correct ones.

A dedicated PC/Laptop was set up with login details for the client to access their Testo Saveris 2 System.

Customer training will be given to give the client access to their loggers’ data at any required time and a handover meeting was conducted with the client.

One of the main challenges was getting the clients’ Wi-Fi set up and working, which delayed the setting up of the Testo Saveris 2 system. Eventually it was up and running, and work could continue. This was done by an external IT contractor.

No other challenges have been identified as the Testo Saveris 2 System has proven its worth as being reliable with no real problems or issues.

From the BONNER team, our Instrumentation Engineers worked in conjunction with our Temperature Mapping Team and the overall project was managed by our Service Manager.

On the Client side, the Quality Supervisor/ The Quality Manager and the Warehouse Manager were involved.

Continued communication will be between BONNER and the client to sustain the good relationship. This will also assist in any future issues that may arise from the client to get assistance as soon as possible.

The Results

The client has seen an exceptional low rate of failure of the loggers and the temperature probes.

There are several benefits of installing this system for the client:

• By expanding a trusted, reliable known existing system, the client made economic savings due to the time and money spent to look for a new system.
• The expansion of loggers and temperature transmitters is added onto the clients account.
• They have operational experience of the existing system.
• Customer has a cemented working relationship with the BONNER Team.
• BONNER is always willing to assist the client in any way possible and as we are needed.

Further advantages of the Testo Saveris 2 System include:

• The system is user friendly.
• It is very reliable, efficient, low maintenance and low cost to the client.
• has multiple accessories for example, different temperature probe sizes and different cable lengths to name a few
• has multiple bracket solutions to fit your needs and to make mounting and installing of the loggers and probes easier
• loggers can be locked with a padlock supplied with each logger to ensure the logger stays where it is installed.
• You can download the Testo Saveris 2 System data and certificates, reports etc and have it saved on a different device.

BONNER will be required to do a temperature mapping (summer time), in the new extended warehouse. All data will be looked at and considered to ensure that the installation of all temperature probes are in position as to get the most accurate and effective reflection of true temperature in the warehouse.

We are especially competent at helping our clients to resolve issues and find and offer expertise and advice if and when needed. Our client has always appreciated that we supply skilled engineers with current subject knowledge and experience to facilitate our work.

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