Temperature Mapping

BONNER are Ireland’s leading specialists in temperature mapping

Temperature Mapping

Temperature mapping and environment monitoring are critical procedures in highly regulated industries where the product is subject to strict storage controls. Our service enables you to detect environmental fluctuations and maintain stable conditions that protect the integrity of your product.

Importance of Temperature Mapping


Companies in the Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverage and Healthcare sectors must adhere to precise standards of temperature and environment monitoring when storing some of their products. This obligation is carried right through the cold chain to the 3PL provider and on to the retailer or pharmacist.

Our Service

Our Temperature Mapping & Environment Monitoring service safeguards your stock and keeps you compliant with FDA, BRC and HPRA regulations.In line with these standards, temperature mapping must be performed at least twice a year to guarantee the suitability of your warehouse or cold room. It is vital that your product is not exposed to any hot or cold spots and that a consistent temperature is maintained throughout the seasons.

Next Steps

Once our proposed mapping protocol is approved and tolerances are confirmed, we install a series of probes in your storage facility, cold room or fridge. These take a detailed reading of the entire room every 2 to 5 minutes. After an adequate period of time has elapsed, we remove the probes and analyse the data they have collected. What makes BONNER’s mapping service unique is our ability to remotely monitor your probes, ensuring continuous functionality and detecting any unusual alarming that could compromise the process.


Temperature Mapping Case Studies