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The Context

Baxter Healthcare is a medical leader with more than 50 years of manufacturing experience in Ireland. It has grown to become one of the largest healthcare production facilities in Europe with more than 150 million products annually, including a range of medical solutions for renal dialysis therapy and drug administration purposes.

Because Baxter is a world leader in the Pharmaceutical manufacturing industry, it needs optimum, precision calibrations to ensure their products meet the international manufacturing standards, and this is where BONNER comes in.

BONNER provides calibration services on instruments that form part of Pressure, Temperature and Flow just to name a few. We are already part of the existing annual calibrations on the client site, and therefore have a partnership and strong relationship with the client.

The Response

The client required a calibration service that was accurate and reliable to suit their needs in day to day manufacturing of their pharmaceutical products in their new facility.

Because the new facility is in production, the calibrations needed to take place when access was available to BONNER. This required a trusted communication path between the client and BONNER’s Field Engineers.

As the client has multiple manufacturing and packaging machines, the calibrations are unique and sensitive. Time also plays an important role in completing calibrations, as it may affect the production and packaging times, therefore delays need to be limited or avoided if possible. Quick, effective and accurate calibrations are required.

BONNER also executes annual calibrations at Baxter’s original facility.

We provide an in depth calibration service with specialized equipment, resources and personnel that caters for all the client’s needs. The calibrations that BONNER are carrying out is listed as, but not limited to:

● Temperature calibrations
● Pressure Calibrations
● Fixed Temperature monitoring system calibrations
● Conductivity calibrations

BONNER takes great pride in providing a service that involves quality and an understanding of the clients’ needs and requirements. We ensure that we adhere to all health and safety protocols and keep an open pathway for good communication between BONNER and the client.

The Results

BONNER takes great pride in providing a service that involves quality and an understanding of the clients needs and requirements by keeping an open pathway for good communication between us and the client

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