Site Calibration Services

Standards you can trust: Our calibration services deliver accuracy and reliability.

Calibration Services

Calibration is an essential practice in preserving maximum productivity and reliability in your production process. When carried out as part of a planned schedule, our service helps you to reduce downtime and to enhance quality and safety compliance

Calibration is generally provided as part of a scheduled plan but can be delivered on demand, when required. Our qualified Instrumentation and Control Technicians take measurement readings from your instrumentation and compare them to our certified standards, making sure each item is reading correctly. All BONNER test equipment is ISO 17025 certified and our calibrations comply with HPRA, FDA, HACCP and BRC regulations.

Key Benefits of Calibration

  • Improve efficiency and increase reliability
  • Prevent faults and minimise production downtime
  • Boost confidence in your production process
  • Enjoy higher quality outputs
  • Strengthen regulatory compliance.

Value Added

We add value to our service by providing experienced Instrumentation and Control Technicians. This means we can offer advice and fault-finding expertise on site, so you can get the most out of your calibration provider.

Quality Assured

If calibration readings are outside specified tolerances, our technicians adjust the unit under test accordingly. They then issue a calibration certificate using our calibration management software which captures the calibration results. Recommended maintenance procedures or actions to address under-performing or out-of-tolerance equipment are also recorded in an electronic service report. The report is linked through our calibration management system directly to the instrument under test for any necessary future analysis.

On-Site or Off-Site

Calibration and maintenance services can be delivered both on or off site – whichever suits you best. Our In-house Technicians can look after any requirements you may have in our fully equipped laboratory at our Dublin headquarters. From here, we can also pre-calibrate new instrumentation prior to dispatch as part of our Procurement & Supply service.


We have a experienced Service Team who are Qualified Instrumentation Techncians meaning they have advanced knowledge beyond the calibration and into systems analyses and fault-finding.

Advanced calibration management software systems that streamlines our entire calibration process for clients, ensuring accurate record-keeping, scheduling of calibrations, tracking of instrument history, and generating calibration certificates.

We offer a wide range of calibration services across multiple disciplines, including temperature, humidity, flow, electrical, mechanical, dimensional, pressure, and more.

We provide Traceability of calibration measurements by using calibrated reference standards with a documented chain of measurements back to national or international standards.

Calibration Case Studies