Lakeland Dairies

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Lakeland Dairies

The Case Study

Lakeland Dairies is a prominent player in the dairy industry, recognised for its commitment to excellence, quality, and sustainability. With a rich heritage dating back over 120 years, Lakeland Dairies has grown into one of the largest dairy processors in Ireland. The company operates across multiple sites, employing state-of-the-art technologies to produce a wide range of high-quality dairy products for both domestic and international markets..

BONNER was approached by Lakeland Dairies in 2015 to take over their plant calibrations. Dissatisfied with their previous service provider, Lakeland Dairies sought a complete overhaul of their calibration schedule and requirements. BONNER was tasked with addressing calibration weaknesses and preparing Lakeland Dairies for audits by implementing a professional calibration plan. Through their expertise and commitment to excellence, BONNER aimed to enhance the reliability, accuracy, and compliance of Lakeland Dairies’ instrumentation and calibrations.


The Response

Lakeland Dairies required a comprehensive assessment of their existing calibration system. They aimed to identify and address weaknesses that had been hindering their operational efficiency.

BONNER was chosen by Lakeland Dairies based on positive referrals and testimonials from other satisfied clients. The company’s reputation for delivering professional service, deploying experienced technicians, and possessing extensive expertise in instrumentation and control technologies instilled confidence in Lakeland Dairies. BONNER’s track record of successfully addressing similar challenges in the industry further reinforced their credibility.

They sought our help to build a robust plan that would improve the reliability and accuracy of their instrumentation, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards and readiness for audit.

The Results

We completed a number of steps in order to support the client through their calibration requirements:

Thorough Investigation
BONNER embarked on a meticulous review of Lakeland Dairies’ calibration documentation and scheduling history. This investigation aimed to identify gaps, weaknesses, and inconsistencies in the existing system. By analysing past records and conducting onsite inspections, BONNER gained valuable insights into the current state of calibration practices at Lakeland Dairies.

Collaboration and Consultation
BONNER engaged in extensive discussions with relevant personnel at Lakeland Dairies, including Maintenance, Quality, and Production departments. These consultations provided a deeper understanding of the specific calibration issues, priorities, and requirements of the dairy company. By involving all stakeholders, BONNER ensured that the calibration plan would address their concerns and align with the operational needs of Lakeland Dairies.

Contract Proposal and Implementation
Leveraging the insights gained from research and consultations, BONNER prepared a comprehensive Contract Proposal tailored to Lakeland Dairies’ specific requirements. The proposal included a detailed plan for the implementation of a site-wide instrumentation and calibration overhaul. Upon approval, BONNER began the execution of the plan in early 2016, focusing on upgrading and standardising calibration practices throughout the organisation.

Cost and Time Savings
By leveraging the expertise of BONNER’s technicians, Lakeland Dairies realized significant cost and time savings. BONNER’s experienced team provided advice and fault-finding expertise on-site, ensuring that calibrations were optimized for maximum efficiency. By adhering to industry best practices and employing efficient calibration methods, BONNER reduced the time required for calibrations, leading to improved productivity and cost-effectiveness for Lakeland Dairies.

Strengthened Partnership
The successful collaboration between BONNER and Lakeland Dairies resulted in a strengthened partnership. BONNER’s commitment to meeting Lakeland Dairies’ needs, addressing their calibration challenges, and delivering exceptional service fostered a relationship built on trust and reliability. Lakeland Dairies now relies on BONNER as their trusted provider for calibration and instrumentation services.

Enhanced Compliance
By implementing a professional calibration plan, we ensured that Lakeland Dairies’ instrumentation and calibrations were compliant with regulatory standards. The meticulous approach and adherence to quality management systems allowed Lakeland Dairies to confidently face audits and regulatory inspections. BONNER’s expertise in HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) and BRC (British Retail Consortium) regulations ensured that the dairy company met the necessary compliance requirements.

Sustainability Focus
BONNER’s continuous scheduling and prompt response to call-outs and breakdowns played a crucial role in minimizing production downtime for Lakeland Dairies. By ensuring that all calibration activities were completed within the required timeframe, BONNER contributed to the sustainable operation of Lakeland Dairies. By consistently being audit-ready, Lakeland Dairies maximized their production output while maintaining compliance with regulatory standards.

The collaboration between BONNER and Lakeland Dairies in the dairy industry exemplifies our ability to provide comprehensive calibration and instrumentation solutions. By addressing the client’s concerns, offering expert recommendations, and implementing a professional calibration plan, we successfully improved the reliability and accuracy of Lakeland Dairies’ calibrations. The trust and confidence instilled in the client, coupled with the significant cost and time savings achieved, strengthened our partnership.

BONNER’s sustainable approach, focused on continuous scheduling, timely response, and regulatory compliance, further enhanced Lakeland Dairies’ operational efficiency and ensured ongoing success in the dairy industry.

Through our expertise and commitment to excellence, we continue to provide exemplary service and solutions for calibration and instrumentation needs in the dairy sector.

Our reputation for delivering professional service, deploying experienced technicians, and possessing extensive expertise in instrumentation and control technologies instilled confidence in Lakeland Dairies. BONNER’s track record of successfully addressing similar challenges in the industry further reinforced our credibility and selection as a partner.

Patrick Bonner

Managing Director, BONNER

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