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The Case Study

For over 45 years, BONNER has been a trusted provider of instrumentation, calibration, and automation solutions across various industries. We specialise in the delivery of bespoke, plant-wide systems that help customers get more out of their data in the most effective way. Whether tackling Energy Monitoring, Condition Monitoring, Predictive Maintenance or Remote Asset Monitoring, the team designs solutions that best meet the needs of each individual plant. And, as the systems can be integrated with new or legacy equipment, BONNER can create a solution to work for any process – traditional or cutting-edge.

BONNER recently collaborated with AbbVie, a leading pharmaceutical company, to deliver reliable temperature mapping services. By establishing a high quality and long lasting relationship with the client, BONNER aimed to expand its presence on-site and provide comprehensive engineering solutions.

AbbVie is a prominent player in the pharmaceutical industry, known for its commitment to quality and innovation. With a focus on discovering, developing, and delivering advanced therapies to address some of the world’s most pressing health challenges, AbbVie has established itself as a key player in the pharmaceutical industry. With a diverse portfolio of medicines and a strong emphasis on research and development, AbbVie continuously strives to improve patient outcomes and improve quality of life. AbbVie’s mission is to discover and deliver innovative medicines and solutions that address complex health issues and enhance people’s lives. By working closely with patients and physicians, they solve the real, complex challenges they’re facing right now, first with science and support


The Response

BONNER conducted extensive onsite meetings with AbbVie’s Quality staff and management to understand their requirements and challenges. Collaboratively, we developed a comprehensive yearly temperature mapping schedule for all the sites. To minimise disruptions, BONNER worked closely with the Quality team and coordinated communication with other departments within the client’s site. Both onsite and offsite support was readily available to address any issues that arose during the temperature mapping process.

Within BONNER, the Temperature Mapping Team led the project, with support from the Service Manager and Instrumentation Apprentices when required. On AbbVie’s site, the Quality Supervisor, Quality Manager, CBRE (facility management), and other onsite contractors played crucial roles in facilitating the project’s smooth execution.

AbbVie required a reliable temperature mapping service for various assets across their site, including warehouses, fridges, cold rooms, freezers, and transportation services. Initially, BONNER covered only the warehouse and aimed to develop a service footprint based on excellent customer service, realistic time frames, and cost-effectiveness.


The Results

Building upon their existing partnership, BONNER began providing temperature mapping services to AbbVie, progressively expanding their coverage to include all site locations. This involved mapping temperatures in warehouses, cold rooms of varying sizes, freezers with sub-zero temperatures, and quality sampling fridges. The project has spanned several years, solidifying the trust and confidence between BONNER and AbbVie.

Client Collaboration: BONNER conducted onsite meetings with AbbVie’s Quality staff and management to understand their specific requirements and challenges.

Yearly Temperature Mapping Schedule: In collaboration with the Quality team, BONNER developed a comprehensive yearly temperature mapping schedule for all site locations. Disruptions were minimised through close coordination with other departments within AbbVie’s site.

Service Expansion: Building on the existing partnership, BONNER progressively expanded its temperature mapping services to cover all site locations. This included mapping temperatures in warehouses, cold rooms of various sizes, sub-zero freezers, and quality sampling fridges.

One of the main challenges was convincing AbbVie to rely on a single service provider for temperature mapping services, as they often engaged multiple contractors for different site activities. However, BONNER overcame this hurdle by consistently delivering work of the highest quality within agreed-upon timelines. Additionally, BONNER’s strong relationship with the client’s refrigeration contractors further reinforced their capabilities.

As a result, the client benefited from a 10% reduction in temperature mapping costs, thanks to BONNER’s pricing discount structure for multiple services. Additionally, the Quality department has witnessed a decrease in workload due to BONNER’s proactive delivery and scheduling of activities. AbbVie appreciates the onsite presence of BONNER’s team, which has fostered a stronger working relationship and the assurance of prompt assistance for audits or queries.

This partnership approach exemplifies their commitment to providing comprehensive solutions for instrumentation, calibration, and automation needs. By delivering reliable temperature mapping services and building a strong relationship with a client, BONNER has demonstrated its ability to meet customer requirements, minimise costs, and enhance operational efficiency in the pharma industry.

In conclusion, our successful collaboration in temperature mapping services highlights our capabilities in providing reliable and efficient solutions for instrumentation, calibration, and automation requirements. BONNER’s dedication to exceeding client expectations, reducing costs, and enhancing operational efficiency positions them as a trusted partner and paves the way for future collaborations in the dynamic pharmaceutical industry.

This project serves as a testament to our strong partnerships and collaborations. In instances where we may not be able to directly provide certain services, our network of suppliers enables us to fulfill our clients’ requirements. The example of calibration services in this case study exemplifies this collaborative approach. Even if we are unable to perform the calibration ourselves, we can rely on our trusted suppliers to carry out the necessary calibration procedures on our behalf.

Patrick Bonner

Managing Director, BONNER

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