Paperless Quality Monitoring Systems for Food


The Case Study

Our recent project completed involved developing a state-of-the-art temperature monitoring and reporting system for a meat production facility.

This involved replacing old chart recorders with a B&R Industrial Automation APROL system in order to maintain standards and improve monitoring opportunities. 

This system meticulously monitors temperatures across various critical points – ovens, freezers, products, and cold storage rooms – ensuring every aspect of food production meets the highest quality and safety standards.


The Response

In order to drive efficiency and integrate a new process, we listened to the challenges that were faced within the facility when it came to temperature control, monitoring and analysis. 

Monitoring is vital for making sure that food safety standards are adhered to strictly at all times, whilst the reporting allows for consistent outputs and recognition of anomalies. 

From input to output, right through to cooking temperatures, we understood that notifications would be imperative to allow for quick response times to any undesirable results.

This will all considered within a system that would be efficient in terms of time, energy and cost. 


The Results

Key Features and Benefits:


  • Comprehensive Temperature Monitoring: Our system covers all critical stages of food production from in-feed to out-feed, including product temperature achieved during cooking.
  • Real-Time KPI Monitoring: Our system doesn’t just track temperatures; the system can also provide valuable KPI insights, enabling you to optimise your production processes for efficiency and quality.
  • Automated Alerts: Stay informed with instant email/text notifications if any zone goes out of specification, allowing for rapid response to any potential issue.
  • Record Keeping for Compliance: Automatic logging of temperature data aids in compliance with food safety regulations, ensuring your facility meets industry standards.
  • Energy Efficiency: Monitor and adjust energy usage, reducing costs while maintaining product quality.
  • Tailored for the Food Industry

After the success with the meat production facility, we are now gearing up to implement a similar system for a bakery. Tailoring our technology to different food production needs, we ensure precision and reliability in the most demanding environments.

Patrick Bonner

Managing Director, BONNER

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