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The Case Study

We have been working with a Pharma client over the last few years to develop a lasting and trusting  relationship to promote and increase our onsite presence for other engineering activities, this is where the Temperature Mapping comes into play.

A reliable Temperature Mapping service was required for all of the client’s Site assets, (Warehouse, Fridge, Cold Rooms, Freezers and Transportation Services). Initially we only covered one aspect of the business, (the Warehouse). We developed our service footprint based on good customer service, and realistic timeframes and suitable costs.

We have been working with the client in other capacities over the last few years, and from commencement of our Temperature Mapping Service to this client, we have been increasing the number of assets which we now service onsite, to include all Temperature Mapping throughout all of their site locations. This includes, Warehouses (where, we initially started) Cold Rooms, from small to large rooms, freezers that range in different temperatures, well into the minus, and quality sampling Fridges to mention a few items covered onsite.

We were chosen by the client for our attention to detail, by our work ethic, especially when completing any task asked of us. We are especially competent at helping our clients to resolve issues and find and offer expertise and advice if and when needed. Our client has always appreciated that we supply skilled engineers with current subject knowledge and experience to facilitate our work. We have been proven to deliver successful outcomes to our clients. We also work closely with the other engineering contractors onsite to ensure necessary outcomes are met. Our Client trusts us to work on their site independently, ensuring confidentiality, and knowing that we can carry out all our services to their timeframes set.

The Response

Following on from our onsite meetings with Quality staff and Quality management, we compiled a Yearly Temperature Mapping schedule for the sites. We worked with QA staff to ensure that any disruptions when carrying out this work was kept to a minimum. We liaised with other departments within the client’s site to ensure all communication on the activities were completed, and support both while onsite and off site, was available if and when needed.

Within BONNER, our Temperature Mapping Team, Service Manager (and Instrumentation Apprentices to assist when required) were involved in the process. The client’s team consisted of The Quality Supervisor, The Quality Manager, CBRE and Other Onsite Contractors

Working in conjunction with our client, we proposed that we would develop an overall Yearly Temperature Mapping Schedule, for their multiple sites, that would ensure all necessary dates for their audits were met when supplying our services and reports.

One of the main challenges was ensuring that our client was happy to use one service provider, most times for certain aspects of their business they may have a variety of contactors that they may call on to undertake site activities. In both aspects, we were able to demonstrate our ability to carry out the work to a high standard, in a timely manner and to also demonstrate that we can help to aid, and lower the clients workload, by utilizing our services. We were also aided by the fact that we have an excellent working relationship with the clients refrigeration contractors, and we were able to demonstrate our abilities during the last few projects onsite.

The Results

The client has seen a 10% reduction in overall temperature mapping costs as they have benefited from our pricing discount structure when undertaking multiple services from our company.

The Quality department has seen a reduction in workload, as we have been proactive in the delivery and scheduling of their activities.

The client has benefited from having an onsite presence and the further development of the working relationship between BONNER and them. They also are aware of the fact that if needed we are only a phone call away, to assist with any questions, or preparations for audits etc.

This project serves as a testament to our strong partnerships and collaborations. In instances where we may not be able to directly provide certain services, our network of suppliers enables us to fulfill our clients’ requirements. The example of calibration services in this case study exemplifies this collaborative approach. Even if we are unable to perform the calibration ourselves, we can rely on our trusted suppliers to carry out the necessary calibration procedures on our behalf.

Patrick Bonner

Managing Director, BONNER

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