Site Calibration

Standards you can trust: Our calibration services deliver accuracy and reliability.

Frequenty Asked Questions

What does Bonner do?

Instrumentation Services including Calibration, Maintenance and Temperature Mapping and Supply of Instrumentation Products for Measurement and Control.

What is your experience in calibration services?

Over 45 years of experience providing our Clients with the highest levels of service and solutions for all their instrumentation and calibration requirements.

Are you accredited or certified by any recognized bodies or standards?

Bonner is accredited to ISO 9001:2015 and is audited annually by the NSAI.

Are you accredited to ISO17025?

We are not ISO17025 Accredited. All our calibrations are traceable  to National Standards and all Bonner test equipment is ISO17025 certified annually.

Do you offer on-site calibration services or only in-house?

Bonner offers both on-site and in-house calibration services.

Where does Bonner provide services?
Is Bonner just Dublin & Cork based?

Our calibration service team is located nationwide to provide your site with quick availability to fit your schedules. Bonner has our main office in Dublin and a 2nd office located in Mitchelstown, Co. Cork.

What is your turnaround time for calibration services?

In-House we aim to provide a 2 to 3 day turnaround

On-site Calibration is generally provided as part of a  scheduled plan and we will contact our Clients prior to their calibration due date to schedule a suitable time for the site visit.

We do have inclusion for an emergency turnaround as part of SLA’s with clients.

Do you have a QMS system in place?

Bonner has a QMS system in place which demonstrates its ability to consistently provide services that meet customer and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements, and enhance customer satisfaction.

What calibration standards or procedures do you follow?

Bonner has its own comprehensive list of calibration procedures which are reviewed annually.

What is your process for handling out-of-tolerance equipment?

Based on a critical calibration failure and client agreement level, a reverse traceability report is generated.

This report identifies all equipment calibrated using the failed test equipment from the date of last calibration for the client.

QA reviews the tolerance for calibrated equipment against the failed test equipment parameters.

The requirements for any potential calibrating recall are determined.

On a case by case a full/partial recalibration is conducted using calibrated equipment based on predefined risk factors.

Do you provide paper calibration certificates?

Bonner provides digital calibration certificates using our calibration management software. These certificates are available though a secure client portal fo rnew certificates and historical.

Can you accommodate urgent or expedited calibration requests?

Absolutely and we would pride ourselves on providing quick turnaround times for our Clients when they need it most.

Do you offer any service agreements or contracts for recurring calibration needs?

Bonner can offer Annual Contracts, Single Quote Contracts, Service Level Agreements and Quality Technical Agreements to meet any Client requirements.

What measures do you have in place for data security and confidentiality?

Documented information is held electronically, and is regularly backed up to prevent loss or damage. 

Our IT infrastructure is secured by an external contractor under contract, and protects data from unauthorised access, deterioration or loss.

All personal data is held in accordance with GDPR requirements

Do you perform Internal Audits?

An Audit Schedule is prepared annually and the audit schedule shows the topics for audit, frequency of audits and responsibilities (assigned internal auditors).

We perform Internal Audits to gather information and to demonstrate that:

  • The Company is conforming to its own QMS
  • The QMS meets the requirements of ISO 9001:2015
  • The QMS is effectively implemented and maintained
  • To identify opportunities for improvement
What is your process for handling and managing customer complaints?

The Senior Management Team are responsible for the review of customer satisfaction data and the implementation of improvement actions.

The Operations team is responsible for reviewing all customer complaints. 

The Senior Management Team is responsible for the investigation and resolution of customer complaints.

Do you have a Safety Statement?

The company has a documented health and safety system including a safety statement which is reviewed annually and communicated to all employees.

Risk assessments, method statements are complted for and are regularly reviewed for continued risks and mitigation.

What is your process for Accident reporting?

All incidents, accidents and near misses must be reported to the Safety Representative immediately. The Safety Representative will undertake an investigation and retain records. The Safety Representative will report the incident/accident/near miss to the client if it occurred on a client site and HSA if any loss to injury has occured.

Improvement/Corrective Actions are implemented as appropriate. 

Incident/Accident performance is monitored.

Can you be on hand to assist your Clients during Audit periods?

Bonner Service Manager, Quality Manager & Site Lead Technician will make themselves readily available during any Client’s Audit.

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