Unlocking the Future of Brewing with ABB Ability BeerMaker

Greetings to all professionals in the brewing industry! As the Irish Channel Partner for ABB Process Automation Systems, BONNER is thrilled to introduce the ABB Ability BeerMaker – a game-changing solution designed to elevate your brewing process.

🔹 Why ABB Ability BeerMaker?

1️⃣ Quality & Consistency: Utilise ABB’s advanced process control algorithms to achieve unparalleled consistency in your brews, down to the molecular level.

2️⃣ Efficiency & Productivity: Leverage unique features like lauter tun optimization to reduce extract losses and optimise your brewing process from Hot Block to Cold Block.

3️⃣ Sustainability: Go beyond compliance and lead in environmental stewardship with ABB’s energy-efficient motors and drives.

🔹 Unique Features That Set Us Apart

Lauter Tun Optimization: Minimize beer or extract loss through intelligent algorithms.

Technological Package for Brewing: A comprehensive suite that includes automation, process control, and even a malt factory solution.

Liquid Routing Control Library: Precise handling of all steps of the process to ensure consistent and high-quality beer products.

🔹 The BONNER Advantage

As ABB’s trusted partner in Ireland, we offer localised support, training, and customisation to suit your specific brewing needs.

📩 Get in Touch

Interested in transforming your brewing process? Reach out to us to schedule a consultation and see how ABB Ability BeerMaker can benefit your operations.

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