Unlocking Operational Excellence in the Beer and Whiskey Industry with MAC Valves’ LBV Flow-Thru Series

As the Irish agent for MAC Valves Inc. BONNER is excited to introduce the Liquid Bullet Valve® (LBV) Flow-Thru series—a game-changing solution engineered to elevate your production processes.

Why is the LBV Flow-Thru Series a Perfect Fit for the Beer and Whiskey Industry?
1️⃣ Minimised Foaming: The laminar flow design ensures that your beer and whiskey filling applications are foam-free, maintaining the integrity of the product.
2️⃣ High Flow Rates: With liquid flow rates up to 3.7 G/min, this valve series is designed for high-throughput applications, crucial for large-scale production.
3️⃣ Operational Reliability: The valve offers extreme repeatability from cycle to cycle and leak-tight performance, ensuring consistent product quality.
4️⃣ Ease of Maintenance: Some models come with removable parts, making cleaning and maintenance a breeze.
5️⃣ Versatility: The valve is adaptable for different fluids and offers a variety of rubber seals, making it a one-size-fits-all solution for your liquid applications.

Technical Specifications
Liquid Flow: Up to 3.7 G/min
Operating Pressure: Gravity – 50 psi
Wattage: 10 – 80 Watts with PWM

Compliance and Standards
The LBV Flow-Thru series aligns with industry standards and regulations, ensuring that your operations are not just efficient but also compliant.

Operational Benefits
Fast response times
High resistance to contamination
Low friction design
Axial flow
Compact size for better integration

Food & Beverage – Water
Food & Beverage – Carbonated beverages
Applications where foaming is an issue with traditional right-angle flow paths

If you would like more information or to discuss how the LBV Flow-Thru series can be integrated into your existing systems, feel free to reach out.

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