Process Safety From BONNER

In a landscape where operational safety is paramount, BONNER’s collaboration with ABB as a channel partner unveils a new horizon of safety assurance. Central to this alliance is the ABB AC500-S Safety PLC, a powerhouse with SIL2/3 certification, conforming to the rigorous standards of IEC 61508. This certification accentuates its robustness in orchestrating safety operations, marking a significant stride in industrial safety management.

Our collaborative approach with ABB Process Automation extends beyond mere compliance with safety standards. It’s about fostering a culture of safety, where every process is engineered with a safety-first mindset. Through this partnership, we provide our clients with a gateway to a suite of safety solutions that are not only technically advanced but are also backed by a legacy of reliability that ABB embodies.

Moreover, as an ABB channel partner, BONNER is at the forefront of delivering tailored safety solutions. We invest in understanding the unique operational challenges and safety requirements of each project, ensuring that the safety solutions deployed are adept at mitigating risks, enhancing system integrity, and promoting operational excellence.

This alliance between BONNER and ABB encapsulates a shared vision of safety excellence driven by innovation and a relentless commitment to safeguarding industrial operations.

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