Last Week at the ABB Process Automation Global Conference

Last week at the ABB Process Automation Global Conference, BONNER had the opportunity to delve into the ABB Ability Energy Monitoring System. ABB is at the forefront of the energy efficiency movement, offering a comprehensive suite of solutions embodied in this system:

Awareness Amplification: Achieve a clear understanding of your resource matrix for prudent allocation and usage, steering towards cost-efficiency.

Performance Enhancement & Asset Optimisation: Amplify performance and optimise asset utilisation, hastening ROI to often less than 3 years.

Streamlined Power Distribution: Reduce operational costs by 30% through a unified approach, smoothing operational flows.

Cloud-Based Competitive Advantage:

Remote Visibility: Access crucial data anytime, anywhere.
Smart Reporting: Real-time data analysis to monitor operational dynamics.
Increased Safety: Pre-maintenance electrical system status visualisation.
Enhanced Reliability: Receive real-time alerts on critical energy-related data.

25% Space Economy: Benefit from space economy with modularity and flexibility, coupled with enriched operational intelligence.

Seamless Device Integration & Service Upgrade: Broaden or upgrade effortlessly on the ABB Ability Marketplace.

Harness strategic advantages with #ABBEnergyEfficiency, navigating the competitive industrial landscape with agility and foresight. Your pathway to a robust, sustainable operational framework is merely a click away with the ABB Ability™ Energy Management.

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