BONNER: Pioneering a Greener Ireland through ABB’s Cutting-Edge Bioconversion Solutions

In our ongoing commitment to sustainability and technological advancement, BONNER is thrilled to announce its strengthened collaboration with ABB as their dedicated Process Automation Channel Partner in Ireland. We’re combining ABB’s global expertise in bioconversion technologies with our local know-how, providing Irish companies with a robust platform to make a significant impact in reducing CO2 emissions.

Why Biomass and Waste Bioconversion?
Bioconversion of biomass and waste materials is an increasingly viable route to produce biofuels and biogas. These are not just buzzwords; they’re part of a comprehensive strategy to reduce dependency on fossil fuels. With ABB Process Automation’s state-of-the-art solutions, bioconversion is not just technically feasible but also financially sustainable, aligning with both government incentives and long-term economic viability.

As a ABB technology partner, BONNER brings innovative solutions tailored for:

1. Bioethanol Plants
2. Biodiesel Plants
3. Biogas Plants

BONNER, leveraging its extensive experience in automation, electrical, and safety systems, complements these offerings with localised support—ensuring that your projects are not just compliant with Irish and EU regulations but also optimally managed and executed.

Future-Ready & Scalable
ABB’s technology is designed for expansion and grassroots projects, providing the agility for future extensions. With BONNER’s expertise in Automation and project management, we ensure that your renewable energy initiatives are not only sustainable but also set up for future growth.

Why Choose BONNER?
Choosing BONNER as your local partner means you benefit from a blend of global technological prowess and intimate local understanding. We’re not just providers; we’re your partners for all things automation.

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