Celebrating Cyber Security Month with Unwavering Commitment to OT Security

October marks Cyber Security Month, a crucial time to reflect and act upon the security measures safeguarding our operational technology (OT) landscapes. At BONNER, OT security isn’t a mere checkbox but a core principle intricately woven into every project we undertake.
Here’s a glimpse into the robust security frameworks we employ:

Secure Managed Network Switches:
Seamless Network Segmentation: Facilitates the creation of isolated networks to prevent cross-contamination of data.
Advanced Traffic Management: Ensures prioritisation of critical data while maintaining network integrity and performance.

OPC Unified Architecture (OPC UA):
End-to-end Encryption: Provides robust encryption, ensuring secure data transit between devices and systems.
Interoperability: Enables seamless communication between different industrial equipment and platforms, which is crucial for modern manufacturing ecosystems.

Secure Remote Access: Enables engineers and support personnel to securely access systems from remote locations, providing rapid response to operational needs.
Scalable Connectivity: Provides a scalable solution for connecting multiple sites and devices securely, adapting to the growing needs of our projects.

ABB Process Automation Systems:
Integrated Security Features: ABB systems come with a suite of inbuilt cybersecurity features ensuring protection against unauthorised access and potential cyber threats.
Compliance with Industry Standards: Adherence to globally recognised cybersecurity standards, ensuring our projects are compliant with legislative and industrial requirements.

B&R Industrial Automation Systems:
Inbuilt Cyber Security: B&R systems are designed with cyber security at their core, protecting against potential unauthorised access and cyber threats.
Robustness and Reliability: Ensures consistent performance and security, aligning with the stringent demands of modern industrial operations.

These technologies are not just tools but a testament to our unwavering commitment towards maintaining a secure and reliable operational environment. By investing in top-tier security frameworks, we ensure that our projects are not only efficient and reliable, but also shielded against the evolving landscape of cyber threats.

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