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Temperature mapping and environment monitoring are critical procedures in highly regulated industries where the product is subject to strict storage controls. Our service enables you to detect environmental fluctuations and maintain stable conditions that protect the integrity of your product.

Key Benefits of Bonner’s Temperature Mapping & Environment Monitoring Service

  • Maintain continuous compliance with FDA, BRC and HPRA regulations
  • Identify breaches in your cold chain
  • Preserve the integrity of your stock and your data
  • Utilise your recorded data for reporting and analysis
  • Eliminate paper with digitised documentation.
Companies in the Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverage and Healthcare sectors must adhere to precise standards of temperature and environment monitoring when storing some of their products. This obligation is carried right through the cold chain to the 3PL provider and on to the retailer or pharmacist. Our Temperature Mapping & Environment Monitoring service safeguards your stock and keeps you compliant with FDA, BRC and HPRA regulations.

In line with these standards, temperature mapping must be performed at least twice a year to guarantee the suitability of your warehouse or cold room. It is vital that your product is not exposed to any hot or cold spots and that a consistent temperature is maintained throughout the seasons.

Once our proposed mapping protocol is approved and tolerances are confirmed, we install a series of probes in your storage facility, cold room or fridge. These take a detailed reading of the entire room every 2 to 5 minutes. After an adequate period of time has elapsed, we remove the probes and analyse the data they have collected. What makes Bonner’s mapping service unique is our ability to remotely monitor your probes, ensuring continuous functionality and detecting any unusual alarming that could compromise the process.

Our team then issues a report detailing the full overview of the room, including a graph for each separate logger. Any alerts or deviations on expected readings are highlighted and potential causes and remedial actions are also outlined. We send you reminders when remapping is due, so you can rest assured that your facilities are always conforming to industry regulations.

In contrast to temperature mapping, environment monitoring is a fixed, on-site system that continuously tracks the general conditions of your facility over the longer term. We install a number of data loggers (fewer than are required for temperature mapping) in strategic positions around your site. These loggers collect data and feed it back to a central base. The system automatically alerts you of any out-of-tolerances or deviations via email or SMS so that you can take immediate corrective actions. We can also incorporate alarm escalation procedures within the system to make sure that all incidents are dealt with appropriately.

We’ve trialled and tested many systems over the years and have found Testo Saveris to be the most effective solution. Our team has extensive knowledge of this system, professionally installing and configuring it to suit our many clients’ individual circumstances. Testo Saveris monitors temperature, humidity, energy and light parameters and can be hosted locally on a SQL database or in the cloud. Key to our selection of this system, Testo Saveris is 21 CFR Part 11 compliant – an essential requirement of FDA regulation in relation to the integrity of data – and provides a secure information back-up for future analysis and reporting.

For cloud-based operations, we use the Testo Saveris 2 WiFi data monitoring system. This model features individual loggers which securely record results in an off-site cloud environment, allowing for easy data retrieval and reporting from any location.

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