BONNER are Ireland’s leading specialists in commissioning

BONNER Commissioning

Commissioning is an invaluable service that involves the thorough inspection and preparation of every instrument and control prior to entering operation.

Our service ensures that the instrumentation in your new plant or process line is fully fit for deployment and we provide all supporting documentation to aid compliance and future analysis.

Key Benefits of Commissioning

  • Reduce delays and unnecessary investigation by always having the correct instrument installed
  • Optimise production from the outset
  • Assign all your commissioning requirements to one expert provider
  • Step up your compliance levels with detailed sign-off documentation.

BONNER’s Commissioning Service ensures that all instrumentation units within a new plant, process line or machinery are thoroughly examined and prepared for handover, so that operations run smoothly from day one.

Our comprehensive commissioning services include loop checking, bench calibration, installation, and post-calibration, all of which are backed up by detailed documentation to help you comply with regulatory guidelines and improve your Quality Management System, Engineering Schedule, and Maintenance Plan.

We work with existing clients introducing new equipment or process lines, as well as engineering contractors on greenfield or brownfield plant development projects, meticulously testing and checking thousands of instrumentation units. Our experienced technicians use certified test equipment for all calibrations and provide you with all relevant instrumentation data and supporting documentation for your peace of mind.

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