Process Automation

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Bonner and IIOT

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) revolutionises traditional manufacturing processes by providing closed-loop control in real-time. By implementing the latest software technology, IIoT offers new possibilities for analytics and control, allowing immediate feedback on asset performance. The technology optimises the collection and processing of digital data, yielding significant benefits for legacy equipment.

With Bonner as your partner, we can offer you the latest software technology. IIoT is not only limited to industries such as manufacturing, healthcare and energy, but is also applicable in other sectors such as pharma and agriculture. The focus of IIoT is increasingly shifting towards innovation, services, and revenue streams where data plays a crucial role. The systems operate semi-independently, intelligently responding and changing course based on information received through feedback loops.

In the future, entire manufacturing plant operations and processes could be made to operate almost independently, reducing human exposure to hazardous scenarios. Key elements like IoT, artificial intelligence, and integrated systems are critical for predictive maintenance, enabling different assets and systems to connect, share, analyse and act on data. 

Bonner can support you to enhance and optimise human work rather than replace it.

Key Benefits of IIOT

  • Plantwide data exchange
  • Remote data access,
  • Data analysis from diverse source
  • Integration of different technologies
  • Digitalisation of manufacturing systems

Automation Case Studies