Since 1901, SIKA has been developing and producing high-quality solutions in the field of industrial measurement and calibration technology in Germany. They have been offering a wide range of standardized and customized products for conducting temperature, pressure, and flow measurements for over 120 years. Their product range encompasses everything from classic industrial thermometers to turbine flow sensors and high-precision temperature calibrators.

Key Product List

  • Thermometers (Industrial, Dial, Digital, KombiTemp)
  • Temperature Sensors and Calibrators
  • Room Condition Monitoring
  • Hand-held Instruments
  • Flow Sensors (Switches, Vortex, Magnetic Inductive, Turbine, Positive Displacement)
  • Oval Gear Flow Meters and Regulators
  • Calorimetric Flow Monitors
  • Displays and Transducers
  • Pressure Gauges (Digital)
  • Test Pumps and Oil Deadweight Testers
  • Level Switches

Partner Applications