Sauermann UK – Kimo Instruments

For 45 years, the Sauermann Group has designed, manufactured and sold products and services dedicated to industrial and HVACR markets.

Since acquiring the Kimo and E Instruments brands, Sauermann has added a comprehensive range of measurement instruments to their product portfolio. These instruments are designed to monitor indoor air quality (IAQ) and combustion gas machines during installation and maintenance operations by measuring concentrations of gases and other substances in the air.

Key Product List

  • Transmitters (Pressure, Multi-parameters, Humidity, Air velocity)
  • Portable Instruments (Multifunctions, Gas Leak Detectors, Anemometers, Micromanometers, Air Flow Regulators)
  • Combustion (Flue Gas Analysers)
  • Data Loggers (Autonomous)
  • Manometers (Liquid Column)
  • Autonomous Temperature Probes (Resistive, Thermocouples)
  • Digital Refrigeration Gauges (Wireless Digital Manifolds)
  • Calibration Benches

Partner Applications