The Bonner Instrumentation Programme is designed to meet the specific demands of highly regulated industries, including the Food & Beverage, Dairy, Pharmaceutical, Medical Devices and Manufacturing sectors.

We partner with your team to deliver an exceptional level of service, ensuring continuous productivity and compliance. And we work across your entire site, looking after process and laboratory instrumentation.

These days, any interruption to production can carry profound implications, and the pressure on you and your team to uphold standards is immense. By integrating our programme as a key component within your wider Quality Management System, Engineering Schedule or Maintenance Plan, you can minimise risk and improve output. This enables you to preserve the welfare of your workforce and the integrity of your plant, meet quality and safety directives and deliver long-term cost reductions. 

We tailor the scope of our programme to meet your precise needs and all our services can be provided on a separate project basis. 

Our comprehensive programme is divided into six stages:

01 Assess

Beginning with an initial review session and a site visit, we undertake a thorough information-gathering exercise. This involves a complete assessment of your current instrumentation and equipment, the processes and schedules that you have in place for calibration and maintenance, and the activity trends within your plant. 

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02 Analyse

Our team then examines the collected data in detail. We review your plant timetable, compile a full instrument list and inspect every instrument individually. This lets us determine the acceptability and tolerance requirements of each item to ensure that the correct parameter settings are assigned and that the appropriate calibration and maintenance schedules are devised. 

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03 Recommend

We compile our findings and develop your customised implementation plan. This sets out the recommended calibration and maintenance procedures, methodologies and intervals to best suit your exact circumstances. We highlight any areas of risk and guide you through our proposed corrective steps.

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04 Implement

Then we put your plan into action. Our team makes the changeover process simple. We work efficiently and sensitively, taking care of every aspect of your instrumentation quality and maintenance needs. Depending on the nature of your operations, your plan will incorporate a combination of our services, shaped to address your particular requirements. Our team conducts all on-site work to the highest standards in health and safety. We rigorously adhere to your distinct plant procedures, protecting both your staff and ours.

Our range of services includes:

  • Instrumentation Analysis
  • Calibration & Maintenance
  • Procurement & Supply
  • Commissioning
  • Temperature Mapping & Environment Monitoring
  • Control Solutions

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05 Maintain

Ongoing calibration and maintenance are performed at the agreed intervals outlined in your plan. Taking responsibility for all scheduling, we alert you well in advance to make sure that site entry is arranged for the allocated time and that every calibration due is successfully completed. We also offer breakdown support to all our clients for any on-demand or out-of-plan issues. 

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06 Report

We know that any effective Quality Management, Engineering Schedule or Maintenance System hinges on accurate, reliable and traceable documentation. That’s why our technicians use ProCalV5 calibration management software to produce calibration certificates and to record their recommended actions. This creates a continuous reporting mechanism with an auditable paper trail, ensuring regulatory compliance and giving you peace of mind.

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