Visit Us at Stand 10 at the ISA Ireland Cybersecurity Conference on November 21

At BONNER, our commitment to Operational Technology (OT) security transcends beyond observance months to a daily pursuit of excellence. In the ever-evolving cyber threat landscape, our mission is clear – to embed uncompromising security into every layer of our operational technology fabric.

Here’s how we’re championing a safer industrial future:

Network Fortification: By deploying secure managed switches, we ensure robust network segmentation and superior traffic management, essential for operational integrity.

Seamless and Secure Communication: OPC UA stands at the helm of our secure communications, enabling encrypted interactions across varied industrial platforms and devices.

Tosibox’s Mastery in Connectivity: Offering secure and swift remote access capabilities, Tosibox solutions are crucial for responsive and secure operational adjustments.

ABB’s Integrated Safeguards: With ABB Process Automation’s systems, we infuse cybersecurity into the very heart of our operations, ensuring compliance with the highest industry standards.

B&R’s Pioneering Automation: B&R Industrial Automation systems are synonymous with secure, reliable automation, setting the benchmark for industry-wide cybersecurity practices.

Our array of security solutions is a reflection of our deep-rooted commitment to a secure operational environment.

Talk to us at Stand 10 at the ISA Ireland OT Cybersecurity Conference 2023 on Tuesday, the 21st of November, at the Mullingar Park Hotel.

We look forward to sharing insights and strategies alongside our partners from ABB.

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