Embedding Resilience in Digitised Manufacturing with Proactive OT Security

The digitisation of manufacturing is an unstoppable force, bringing with it the need for equally dynamic Operational Technology (OT) security measures. At BONNER, we understand that as we harness the power of digital transformation, we also shoulder the responsibility of safeguarding our systems against a spectrum of cyber threats.

Why is OT Security Paramount?

Continuous Production: Security breaches in OT systems can result in significant production downtime, directly impacting productivity and profitability.

Data Protection: In the age of big data, maintaining the integrity and confidentiality of manufacturing data is critical for informed decision-making and operational excellence.

Workplace Safety: Secure OT systems contribute to a safer work environment, ensuring that employees are not exposed to risks arising from digital vulnerabilities.

Digitisation is the future, but it is a future that demands fortified security. With industry leaders like B&R Industrial Automation, ABB Process Automation, and Tosibox, BONNER embed OT security into all our systems, ensuring that our digitisation is not just smart but secure.

Discover how we achieve this balance at Stand 10 at the ISA Ireland and OT Cybersecurity Conference 2023. We look forward to discussing how we can secure your operations for the digital era.

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