Spotlight on ISA S88 Compliance With BONNER

At BONNER, we are proud to be a leading member of the Irish chapter of the ISA (International Society of Automation (ISA)), steadfastly ensuring that our systems are aligned with the esteemed ISA S88 standard. This collaboration with ABB, a global leader in process automation, enables us to bring to you solutions that are not only innovative but also adhere to the highest industry standards.

In the dynamic world of process automation, the ISA S88 standard, facilitated by ABB’s advanced solutions, serves as a guiding light. It outlines a comprehensive design philosophy that encompasses software, equipment, and procedures, fostering a unified approach to batch control standards and terminology.

Embarking on a process-automation project demands a meticulous approach to defining requirements, a process that culminates in a detailed functional specification. This critical document, often developed in collaboration with ABB’s expertise, serves as a blueprint for the development team, guiding the design and implementation facets of the project.
In the modern manufacturing landscape, flexibility and swift market entry are paramount. ABB’s solutions, aligned with the S88 standard, provide a robust framework that addresses these needs adeptly during the design and implementation phases of a process automation project.

As the Irish ABB Process Automation channel partner, we are thrilled to introduce the 800xA Batch Management for Freelance – an ABB solution embodying flexibility and efficiency. This system, a brainchild of ABB’s innovation, offers an expansive suite of functions for recipe management, batch and process control, alongside ensuring safety and reliability. It is optimally designed for batch automation in line with ISA S88, promising:

Enhanced Production Consistency: Leveraging ABB’s technology for improved quality and productivity.
Optimal Equipment Utilization: Minimizing downtimes and operational costs, courtesy of ABB’s advanced solutions.
Statutory Compliance: Ensuring unwavering adherence to legal directives, a hallmark of ABB’s commitment to excellence.

Embrace the future of manufacturing with ABB’s 800xA Batch Management for Freelance, a solution that guarantees flexibility, safety, and reliability, steering your manufacturing endeavours towards a future of excellence and innovation.

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