Elevate Your Industrial Operations With BONNER

Modernise, Expand, and Retrofit Your Machines for a Competitive Edge. In an era where industrial agility is paramount, your plant and machinery should be as adaptable as your business strategy. BONNER, in partnership with ABB Process Automation and B&R Industrial Automation, offers retrofitting solutions that are not only cost-effective but also compliant with the latest safety and performance standards.

Extend the Lifecycle of Your Existing Machinery
Outdated technology shouldn’t be a bottleneck in your operations. With BONNER’s expertise, backed by ABB’s process automation solutions and B&R’s integration capabilities, we can upgrade your machinery to meet and exceed current safety and efficiency benchmarks.

Cost-Effective and Efficient Retrofitting Solutions
Our well-planned retrofitting services can equip your older machines with cutting-edge electrical, control, and safety technology at a fraction of the cost of new acquisitions. The result? Enhanced safety, increased productivity, and a quick ROI.

Compliance with Industry Standards and Directives
BONNER takes a comprehensive approach to retrofitting, supported by ABB’s and B&R’s industry-leading technologies. We conduct a detailed system and technology analysis, followed by a thorough risk assessment and CE marking process, ensuring all modifications meet current industry standards and legislative requirements.

Your Partner in Retrofitting Excellence
We work closely with you to tailor our retrofitting solutions to your specific needs. Our team’s expertise in automation and safety technology ensures that your machinery is not just compliant but also competitive.

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