Improve productivity and efficiency of your workforce.


Our AR solutions are designed to bridge the gap between the physical and digital worlds, providing immersive and interactive experiences that drive efficiency, productivity, and innovation.

At BONNER, we leverage AR technology to:

Visualise Complex Data: Transform complex data into intuitive visualisations, empowering users to understand and analyse information more effectively.

Streamline Training: Provide immersive training experiences for employees, enabling hands-on learning in a safe and controlled environment.

Facilitate Remote Support: Enable remote experts to provide real-time guidance and support to on-site personnel, reducing downtime and minimising errors.

Optimise Maintenance: Streamline maintenance processes by overlaying equipment schematics, troubleshooting guides, and maintenance checklists directly onto physical assets.

Key Benefits of AR

Improved Efficiency: Enhance productivity and reduce errors by providing workers with instant access to information and guidance at the point of need.

Enhanced Training: Accelerate the onboarding process and upskill employees faster with interactive AR training modules and simulations.

Remote Collaboration: Enable seamless collaboration between on-site and off-site teams, allowing for faster decision-making and problem-solving.

Increased Safety: Mitigate safety risks by providing workers with contextual safety information and hazard alerts in real-time.

Our AR Partners

The VIEWAR System offers a comprehensive framework for developing, managing, testing, and publishing augmented reality applications in the industrial sector.

VIEWAR is an ecosystem specifically designed for industrial augmented reality. It empowers individuals without prior AR expertise to create immersive experiences for indoor navigation, workflow optimisation, remote support, and maintenance tasks. By utilising digital twins and 3D scans, the system enables operators to have a complete understanding of their surroundings, allowing them to navigate visually through their workspaces and receive guidance for their tasks.

VIEWAR is compatible with standard web browsers, smartphones, tablets, and HMDs (Head-Mounted Displays). 

Founded in 2011, ViewAR is headquartered in Vienna, Austria, and currently consists of a team of 32 dedicated professionals.