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Tosibox – Hub 3.0.0

v3.0.0 – Tosibox HUB

Changes and new features
•    Microsoft Azure Marketplace delivery
•    HUB underlying operating system and libraries are upgraded
•    Improved software update process

o  HUB installation process is more robust and provides progress on UI
o    SW updates are checked automatically once a day
o    If new update is found a notification is shown on the UI
o    HUB will check for Azure and AWS specific extensions
o    HUB can warn about extensions coming from unknown sources
o    HUB will notify if reboot is required after SW update.
o    Ongoing SW update is displayed on the SW Update page until done
o    Ongoing SW update gives a warning on Reboot page

•    HUB has received new audit events to complement increased functionality such as Node added or removed, VPN limit is near or has exceeded limit set in license, SW update is available, started or completed
•    HUB can send its status and settings to TosiControl for network monitoring, when feature is enabled
•    VMWare ESXi environment HW version setting is changed from 7 (ESXi/ESX 4.x) to 14 (ESXi 6.7)
•    VPN throughput is increased in Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS environments where certain HUB installations were experiencing packet drop rates due to small socket buffer size
•    Used VPN connection protocol is displayed in the management user interface, either relayed TCP or direct UDP
•    HUB has a new favicon
•    VPN tunnel name is validated and certain special characters are no longer accepted
•    Confirmation is asked when clicking Reboot button
•    Added ability to configure LAN device path for the http(s) service
•    Email alerts has a new field for configuring TLS security for enforcing connection security scheme
•    Copy to clipboard button was added to copy the generated Remote matching code
•    Network device list items are now clickable web links opening the configured web service
•    Internet connection field on Status page is renamed as Tosibox Cloud
•    Static routes MTU field is not supported and has been removed
•    User can choose to display login password as asterisks or plain text
•    Removed Blowfish option as the preferred cipher for VPN data encryption from UI option. Blowfish can no longer be selected for new Node and Key tunnels.
•    HUB activation process is more robust and verbose

Read the full release notes here. Download the user manual and data sheet here

Tosibox Hub