MAC Valves - Proportional Pressure Control

BONNER is pleased to offer MAC Valves as a product, with a range of options available to suit your everyday needs.

Proportional Pressure Control

The MAC Proportional Pressure Controller, (PPC) is an innovative product which converts an electrical signal into a proportional pneumatic output.

The PPC is unlike conventional I/P or V/P transducers. It offers much more in terms of performance, features, and reliability. The key to the MAC PPCs are two MAC 34, 45, 400, 47, 92 or 93 Series valves that are used to control the output pressure.

The valves are operated by the PPCs closed loop electronic control circuit. Feedback is obtained from one or two transducers. The balanced poppet, fast response, and high flow of these two MAC Valves provide outstanding performance characteristics for the PPC



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