Delta OHM portable and bench-top instruments, process and industrial meters, current loop or voltage transmitters, data loggers and sensors.

Delta OHM has been designing, manufacturing and calibrating portable and bench-top instruments, process and industrial meters, current loop or voltage transmitters, data loggers and sensors since 1978.

The Delta Ohm range includes:

Instruments for the measurement of Temperature, Air speed, Relative Humidity, Dew point, Pressure, Radiometry/Photometry (including UVA, UVB, UVC, PAR, PHOT, BLUE, V-Eff, Lux, W/m²).

Models for Safety and Industrial Hygiene monitoring as Noise Level meters (I and II class), Building Acoustic Sound Sources, Vibration meters, Microclimate WBGT, Non coherent Optical Radiation monitors, Acoustic and Accelerometer calibrators.

Water analysis instruments covering pH, ORP, Conductivity, TDS, Dissolved Oxygen and Turbidity.

Devices for Building Management (BMS), HVAC and Lighting as Temperature and Humidity Sensors, Light Level Sensors, CO and CO2 controllers, Heat Stress Meters, Anemometers, Spectroradiometers and Wireless Dataloggers.

Equipment for Renewable Energy systems such as Portable Solar Radiation meters, Pyranometers (any class), Solar panel temperature sensors, Pyrheliometers, Sunshine Duration, Wind Speed.

Delta-Ohm-MicroclimateDelta OHM also produce component devices for Weather Stations, Hydrology and Agriculture such as: Albedometers (Secondary Standard, I and II class), Aspirated air temperature meters, Barometric Pressure Meters, Rain Detectors, Bucket Rain Gauges (200cm² and 400cm²), 16 channel Data Loggers, Global irradiance meters in the UVA and in the UVB, Leaf Wetness sensors, Net-radiometers, Photometric probes LUX, Pyranometers (Secondary Standard, I and II class, Silicon), Pyrgeometers, Pyrheliometers, Quantum (PAR), Rain Detectors, Soil Moisture Sensors , Soil Temperature Sensors, Thermo-hygrometers, Ultrasonic Anemometers (2 & 3 axis), Sunshine Duration Senors, Photoradiometers (UV Index).

Delta OHM’s Calibration Center, based on six modern laboratories equipped with state of the art instrumentation, is ISO 17025 accredited and part of the international circuit ilac-MRA (ilac-MRA ACCREDIA LAT n°124). Delta Ohm laboratories are accredited for the following parameters: Temperature, Humidity, Pressure, Air Speed, Acoustic and Photo radiometry.

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