Embracing a Greener Future with BONNER & ABB Control Systems

As a forward-thinking technology company, BONNER firmly believes in the power of technology to forge a greener future without reverting to a pre-industry way of life. Through our partnership with ABB Process Automation, we are bringing ABB’s latest green technology to the Irish market, marrying innovation with a commitment to a better, greener future.

Renewable Energy Integration
In today’s world, Irish industry’s focus on renewable energy is more crucial than ever. Leveraging ABB’s state-of-the-art PLC/HMI, SCADA, Freelance, and 800xA DCS, we are optimising wind, solar, and biomass energy solutions. These systems are pivotal in ensuring maximum efficiency and reliability in harnessing natural energy sources, marking a significant step towards cleaner power generation.

Carbon Reduction Initiatives
At BONNER, we are committed to helping Irish manufacturing companies reduce their carbon footprint. Our initiatives are geared towards empowering businesses to achieve more sustainable operations, aligning with Ireland’s net-zero commitments.

Engineering Excellence Meets Environmental Responsibility
We blend engineering excellence with a deep commitment to environmental and safety standards. Our team’s expertise, backed by ABB’s cutting-edge technology, is tailored to assist Irish companies in meeting their net-zero commitments and embracing sustainable practices.

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