Control Solutions



Control solutions and automation are quickly becoming a core component of any modern production facility. These technologies monitor measurement information from your production process and provide data, alarms and trending insights, bringing automation to what were once manually supervised industrial operations.


Our Control Solutions service includes the design, build and commissioning of industrial automation systems that incorporate the latest in technological innovation. Using a variety of sensors and data loggers, like temperature probes, flowmeters and transmitters, our systems generate a data feed from your plant floor that delivers precise measurements around your mission-critical processes. 

Working with SCADA, HMIs, industrial PCs and PLCs, we install systems that then automate aspects of your production process based on the data communicated. We provide condition monitoring, energy control and IoT technology, allowing you to access data remotely, exchange information across your systems and introduce industrial automation to your plant. 

By partnering with leading industrial automation experts B&R, we can offer clients a full range of sophisticated solutions, including HMI, I/O, motion control, transport and DCS systems. These present our SME customers with the opportunity to upgrade their plant technology and to establish a modern automation architecture within their industrial processes. 



Key Benefits of Bonner’s Control Solutions Service

  • Increase efficiencies, enhance productivity and improve security with digitised data
  • Modernise your processes and upgrade your equipment
  • Generate more precise data for analysis and reporting
  • Future-proof your plant and add new technologies more easily
  • Reduce exposure to human error.


The APROL process control applications range from Bonner works with everything from small laboratory automation systems to large-scale plants. The APROL control system we offer is developed by B&R and provides distinctive scaling capabilities that make it possible to cover every area of an application.