Programme Delivery:

Bespoke Instrumentation Programme Incorporating Bonner’s Calibration & Maintenance, Procurement & Supply and Temperature Mapping & Environment Monitoring Services

The Context

Based in Cork, Dairygold is a renowned supplier of premium cheese and dairy nutritionals to the international market.

We have worked with Dairygold for more than 35 years, and our relationship has grown and developed in that time. Starting off small, we originally supplied the company with electrical, control and pneumatic panels. We then began to perform instrumentation maintenance across its several sites. As our business evolved and regulatory standards tightened, our focus on measurement data and the calibration capabilities we possess became more valuable to the client. To ensure that the highest levels of quality assurance could be maintained at all times, Dairygold requested that we design a personalised instrumentation plan to meet its individual requirements.

The Response

Building on our extensive knowledge of Dairygold’s processes and procedures, and following a detailed analysis of all instruments and site documentation, we adapted the Bonner Instrumentation Programme to suit the company’s exact circumstances.

The programme is designed around a fixed-day contract arrangement that incorporates pre-determined dates for calibration work, with maintenance being carried out on a preventative basis. As with many of our customers, Dairygold experiences fluctuations in demand over the course of the year and the client was eager that the programme should allow for peak periods. We created a solution that enables increased capacity during busy seasons and avoids the expense of over-resourcing at quieter times.

All maintenance and calibration data is available for review via our secure online portal, giving the client access to a fully auditable data trail. This is a powerful asset in the heavily regulated Dairy industry. Likewise, the implementation of technology and innovation is core to the sector’s progression, and we advise and assist Dairygold in how to effectively modernise plant operations. Offering consultation, design and installation, we help the company to implement a wide range of solutions, from simple indicator controllers to sophisticated environment monitoring systems for on-site fridges and freezers. The wireless data generated by these systems is transferred securely to a local base station and can be accessed by the client through a standard web browser.

We also source and supply instrumentation products directly for Dairygold, and we apply our in-depth knowledge of the organisation to recommend the most appropriate options at the best price.

The Results

The implementation of our programme has brought about many benefits for Dairygold. Predictability and reliability have been introduced across the company’s maintenance and calibration procedures, giving the client reassurance that all work is carried out when it is required and to the optimum standards. Any unplanned downtime within the plant is avoided, and regulatory compliance is enhanced.

The flexible nature of the contract and the monthly billing process also provide the client with budget security, knowing precisely what will be charged each month and never paying for more than is needed.

Through our programme, we have helped Dairygold to modernise operations by advising on, designing and installing systems that utilise innovative technologies to automate traditionally manual processes within the plant. With Bonner as an extra member of the team, the company is confident that it can keep pace with its competitors long into the future.

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